Thursday, October 23, 2008

2 weeks in

Well its been a couple of weeks since my last.... :)
Yesterday NASA/ MESSENGER scientists invited the MESSENGER Fellows to a teleconference. Well I was on my way to Florida for the Florida Association of Science Teachers Conference for my first official, large group of people I don't know presentation!

Guess who I met on the way to THAT forum??? I met the Rainman and his brother! The real guys, not Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruize ! I recognized his condition as they made their way to the flight gate. I thought to myself... I know what this couple is all about because of the movie.. but WOW... it was really him. His name is Kim and he and his brother travel around the county talking to audiences about disabilities and acceptance. He was quite a talker! Very factual and like to crack himself up. He joked with the flight attendant about an old Delta Airline logo( Id tell yah but I can't remember what he said). The air steward was a young guy so Kim's joke dropped right there in front of him, and this sentence and reference is waste because I can't remember either... but my point is... this guys memory was incredible. He and his brother were chatting with me and a couple of people on the plane and Kim told the guy what year he was going to retire and the day of the week that date fell on!
Pretty cool
Well I can't comment on the teleconference because I couldn't get it in flight. And even if I did listen, I couldn't comment on it here. So I think Ill stop and work on the finalities of my presentation for tomorrow