Sunday, October 5, 2008

Almost time and can't sleep

It is about 6 hours before we get passage to John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab to experience first hand what it is like to be a scientist with NASA. At 4:30am Monday morning, MESSENGER spacecraft will be sending back the data it has collected on its mission to Mercury. What makes this so exciting ( well for some of us :) is ....Mercury hasn't been visited for 30 years! Pictures being sent back will be from the part of the planet that has never been seen before!!

Me, along with 6 other teachers from around the county will watching as those pictures are revealed! SO VERY COOL!!

So what do you think could be on the other side of the planet? Condos? Mercurians? Worms? Nothing? Just dirt?

Sitting at dinner tonight we were talking and wondering what tomorrow will bring? Will we see be able to see the pictures? Will we be able to share the pictures with you?
All this wondering and I need to get to sleep.. it already almost 10pm.. yawn ;)